Our range of marine underlay products provide unique features in order to ensure your sea vessel is safer as well as more comfortable. The flame retardant grade offers unbeatable fire resistant properties. This greatly reduces the chance of a fire breaking out, and enables you to quickly get it under control. Aside from the fire resistant properties, our underlay is also incredibly comfortable underfoot. It can provide additional cushioning, making even the thinnest of carpets feel luxurious. Our marine underlay also offers superb insulation properties. If installed correctly the underlay can provide an additional 1.7 TOG of thermal resistance. The underlay also greatly reduces the sound of footsteps as well as engine noise up to 38 dB.

These unique features make our marine underlay the best option available. We can supply direct from the UK to anywhere around the world. If you are unsure which particular thickness is best suited to your specific requirements, don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

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